Setting probe in analog or digital mode - HPP271

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The probe has two output modes: digital mode (RS-485 using Modbus) and analog mode (current output).

Both the digital output and analog output use the same pins in the M12 male connector (pins #2 and #4), but only one of the output modes can be active at the same time. You select which output mode is active with the output control pin #5.

Figure 1. Pins on the probe M12/5 male connector
  1. If the probe is powered on, power off the probe.
  2. Select the output mode with pin #5:
    1. To set the probe in analog mode, connect pin #5 to ground.
    2. To set the probe in digital mode, leave pin #5 floating.
  3. Power on the probe. The probe checks the state of pin #5 (grounded or floating) and goes in the selected output mode.