Disabling WLAN Functionality with DIP Switch - INDIGO200SERIES - INDIGO201

Indigo 201 User Guide

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Figure 1. WLAN OFF/ON DIP Switch on Indigo Circuit Board. If your application requires removing WLAN communication from use, use the DIP switch on the Indigo circuit board.
WLAN functionality OFF or ON
To switch WLAN communication OFF or ON with the DIP switch:
  1. Power off the transmitter.
  2. Open the transmitter cover.
    CAUTION To avoid damaging the connector pins of the transmitter, pull the transmitter cover off the base in a straight angle. Do not twist or bend.
  3. Use a small screwdriver or a similar tool to change the position of the WLAN DIP switch (1).
  4. When done, close the transmitter cover and power on Indigo.
    Indigo does not display a notification about the WLAN functionality being disabled when a user attempts to enable it with the wireless connection activation button.