Analog Output Configuration Example - INDIGO200SERIES - INDIGO201

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This example shows how to configure analog output 1 to use the following settings when a CO2 probe is connected to Indigo:
  • 4 ... 20 mA current output
  • Carbon dioxide measurement scaled to 0 ... 20 %CO2
  • Clipping limit 5%, error limit 10%, and error output 3.6 mA
When you enter a value into a field, the value is saved automatically when you exit the input field (for example, tap on an area outside of the field).
To configure the output:
  1. Launch the Indigo 201 wireless configuration interface.
  2. Open the Settings > Outputs menu.
  3. Select Current outputs from the Mode dropdown.
  4. Select 4 ... 20 mA from the Output Type dropdown.
  5. Select Carbon dioxide concentration from the Parameter dropdown.
  6. Select % from the Unit dropdown.
  7. Type 0 in the Scale Low End field.
  8. Type 20 in the Scale High End field.
  9. Type 5 in the Clipping Limit field and 10 in the Error Limit field.
  10. Type 3.6 in the Error Output Current field.