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In the display model, notifications, warnings and other messages are shown on the display as text rows and indicator graphics. In the LED indicator model, the status of the transmitter and probe is indicated by LED color and whether the LED blinks. The following table lists the LED notifications:

Table 1. LED Indicator States
LED Color and Flashes Description
Solid green LED:
A solid green LED means that the transmitter and probe are working normally.
Blinking green LED:
The LED blinks green when the transmitter is starting up, and changes to a steady green when the transmitter is ready for use.

The LED also blinks green when the wireless connection is active, and changes to a steady green when the connection ends.

Solid orange LED:
A solid orange LED is shown when a probe is not connected to the transmitter (or the probe is not properly connected and the transmitter does not recognize it).
Solid red LED:
A solid red LED means that an alarm or a notification is active, or the probe or the transmitter is in an error state.

To view information about the alarm or notification, connect to Indigo's wireless configuration interface with your web browser and open the Status menu.