Analog Output Configuration Overview - INDIGO201 - INDIGO200SERIES

Indigo 201 User Guide

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Indigo 201 has 3 analog outputs that can be configured with the wireless configuration interface's Settings > Outputs menu. Each output has the same set of configuration options (analog output 1 shown in example):

Figure 1. Analog Output Configuration Options
Note that the Mode selection (under General) defines whether the outputs are used for voltage or current output.

Receiving Analog Output Settings Automatically from Probe

Indigo can receive the analog output settings automatically from the connected probe in the following cases:
  • the transmitter is a new unit and has not been configured yet, or
  • you have removed the analog output configuration from Indigo manually.
It is recommended to always check the analog output settings from the wireless configuration interface's Settings > Outputs menu after connecting a probe.