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System summary

Figure 1. Web interface system summary page.

System summary page lists the identifying information and current operating settings of the access point. Some information, such as the hardware ID of the device, is only available on this page.

Data loggers

Figure 2. Web interface data loggers page.

Data loggers page lists each data logger that is connected to this access point. You can see the latest measurement values, battery level, and the signal quality of the VaiNet connection to the data logger. Last connection is the amount of time since last successful contact with the data logger.

After a data logger has been out of contact for more than 32 minutes, it will be removed from the list of connected data loggers. Since the access point only removes one data logger from the list during one scan cycle, data loggers that are out of contact may remain on the list even longer. It is possible for data loggers to be listed on more than one access point simultaneously when they are changing access points.


Figure 3. Web interface network settings
Figure 4. Web interface NTP settings page
Figure 5. Web interface VaiNet radio settings page.

VaiNet radio page contains the settings for VaiNet segment and channel, as well as the switch for enabling the installation mode.

Figure 6. Web interface viewLinc settings page
Figure 7. Web interface security settings page.

Vaisala recommends changing the default password. Minimum password length is 8 characters. Allowed characters are 0–9 and a–z.

Figure 8. Web interface display settings page