Performing a factory reset - AP10

AP10 User Guide

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  • Pen or a small flat-head screwdriver

Factory reset clears all user settings and diagnostic data on the AP10. It is also necessary if the access point is unable to start up due to filesystem corruption.

All data loggers that are currently connected to this access point will lose connection. They will automatically rejoin the system, but their connection to viewLinc Enterprise Server will be temporarily interrupted.

  1. If the AP10 is not on, connect it to a network and power it up using the DC power supply. Wait for startup to complete.
  2. Download the diagnostic data file from the AP10 using the web interface. The data file is useful for Vaisala support to diagnose and solve any problems related to the AP10.
    1. Log in to the web interface of the AP10. See Accessing the web interface.
    2. Select AP10 maintenance > Support.
    3. Select Download to download the data package.
  3. AP10 has a small button marked Reset. Push it using a pen or a small flat-head screwdriver, and hold it down. AP10 will reset. Continue pushing the button.
  4. Release the button when the text Performing factory reset... appears.
  5. Wait for the AP10 to complete the startup and show the installation wizard.
  6. Before starting to use the AP10 after the factory reset, complete the installation wizard using the touchscreen interface.