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Plenum space is a separate air circulation space that is used by the building's heating and air conditioning systems. For example, the space between the structural floor and the dropped ceiling is typically used as an air-handling space. Due to fire safety considerations, the materials placed in plenum space may be restricted by local legislation.

If you need to mount the access point in a plenum space but its materials do not meet your local requirements, you can mount the access point inside a commercially available enclosure that is meant for this purpose. For example, model 1075CP ceiling enclosure from Oberon Wireless is suitable.

When selecting a plenum mounting enclosure, note the following requirements:

  • The inside dimensions of the enclosure must be large enough for the access point. There should be enough space to rotate the antenna if desired, and to easily connect the cabling.
  • The enclosure must not completely block the radio transmissions of the access point.