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In a typical indoor space, the wireless range of AP10 is at least 100 m (approx. 330 ft). In an open space with line-of-sight and no interfering structures, the range can be over 500 m (approx. 1600 ft). Placing the AP10 near large metal surfaces and heavy concrete structures will reduce the range of the radio signal.

Walls and ceilings are good locations for AP10. Line of sight is not required. If possible, place AP10 in the same floor as the data loggers. Point the antenna up or down for best wireless performance.

Up to 8 access points can be placed within range of each other, even side-by-side, as long as they each have their own VaiNet channel. For guidance in designing and installing a large system that includes more than 8 access points on a site, see Guidelines for Large VaiNet Systems (M212596EN).