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Vaisala’s VaiNet wireless protocol produces a robust and reliable wireless signal for environmental monitoring. The protocol is proprietary, and cannot be used with 802.11 Wi-Fi devices. VaiNet wireless devices always require a VaiNet wireless access point.

VaiNet radio communication uses a modulated, low-power signal at sub-GHz frequencies to provide better signal propagation in environmental monitoring applications. VaiNet provides all the benefits of spread spectrum wireless technology including resistance to interference, interception and multipath fading (reflections). Using the chirp signal to spread the RF energy over a wider band allows for reliable communications even when signal levels are below the background noise floor. It also reduces disruptions from overlapping signals on same frequencies.

VaiNet wireless devices are not limited to using a single access point. If multiple access points are available, VaiNet devices can switch access points to maintain their connection to the viewLinc Monitoring System. The strength of the wireless signal is used to determine the optimum network data path.

Wireless transmissions between VaiNet devices are encrypted to protect against eavesdropping, data tampering, and transfer errors.