VaiNet devices in viewLinc Monitoring System - AP10

AP10 User Guide

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VaiNet access points create links between Ethernet and Vaisala devices using the VaiNet protocol. Wireless device registration is handled by viewLinc Enterprise Server. Whenever a new data logger is added to the system, it is automatically identified by an access point, which forwards the data logger’s information to the server. Once accepted in the system, data loggers will stay synchronized, even in situations where other nearby VaiNet networks overlap. Redundancy is achieved by allowing load distribution between VaiNet access points which share multiple data loggers in range.

VaiNet access points transfer measurement data from the data loggers to viewLinc Enterprise Server. Both access point and viewLinc Enterprise Server verify that the data has been received correctly. Once the data has been verified, it is stored to the secure database where it is protected from tampering and loss.

If data flow is interrupted by a network outage, the data transfer will resume when the outage is resolved. Local memory of the data logger is used to store the data while waiting for a connection to viewLinc Enterprise Server. RFL100 Data Logger has enough local memory for 30 days of measurement.