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For general principles of VaiNet device firmware updates, firmware compatibility information, and instructions on how to minimize the impact to your viewLinc system, see Updating VaiNet device firmware in a viewLinc system Technical Note (M212867EN) available at docs.vaisala.com.

If a release notes document is included with the firmware update file, read it before starting for information on any important changes and possible compatibility requirements.

  • Computer with a modern web browser (for example, Google Chrome™ or Microsoft Edge®)

  • AP10 firmware update file from Vaisala

All data loggers that are currently connected to this access point will lose connection. They will automatically rejoin the system, but their connection to viewLinc Enterprise Server will be temporarily interrupted.

If any AP10 access points with firmware version 5.0.0 or higher are used on a site, all AP10 access points on that site must be updated to at least firmware 5.0.0. This is due to a change in the timing offsets of the VaiNet radio communication.
Figure 1. Firmware update page in web interface
  1. If the firmware update file is a ZIP package, unzip it into a temporary directory on your computer.
  2. Log in to the web interface of the AP10. See Accessing the web interface.
  3. Verify the Hardware version of the AP10 from the System summary view and verify it is compatible with the firmware update file.
  4. Select AP10 maintenance > Firmware update.
  5. Check the currently installed firmware version. If the version of your update file is higher than the installed version, continue with the update.
  6. Select Browse... and locate the firmware file on your computer.
  7. Select Update to start the firmware update process. Confirm the update by selecting Update again.

    The update will typically complete within 15 minutes, and the access point will automatically restart after it is done. Do not unplug or attempt to use the access point during the update.

  8. After the update is successfully completed:
    1. Log in again to the web interface.
    2. Select AP10 maintenance > Firmware update and verify that the firmware version has been updated.
    3. Verify that the access point is still properly configured for your system. New settings may be available, and old settings may have changed.

If the update appears to be stuck and you have already waited for 15 minutes, or if you receive a message indicating the update has failed (this can happen due to network connectivity problems):

  1. Restart the AP10 and log in again to the web interface.
  2. Check the current firmware version from the AP10 maintenance > Firmware update page. If the firmware version has not been updated (update was not successful), try the update again. If you have already tried twice, continue to the next step.
  3. Select AP10 maintenance > Back up and restore > Back up to back up your settings to a file.
  4. Revert the AP10 back to factory settings; see Performing a factory reset. Note that doing this may change the IP address of the AP10, since network settings will also be reset.
  5. Repeat the firmware update one more time. If the update still fails, contact Vaisala support.