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You can use the backup and restore feature of the web interface to copy user-changeable settings between AP10 access points. This may be convenient when installing a large number of access points with similar settings, or when replacing an access point with a new one.

Figure 1. Web interface backup and restore page

Many corporate networks require devices to be registered before they can connect. If this is the case with your network, you must provide the MAC address of each new access point to your IT administrator. The MAC address is marked on the front of the access point (near the Ethernet connector) and on its type label in the back. It cannot be changed or copied between devices.

  1. Log in to the web interface on AP10 that has the settings you want to copy. See Accessing the web interface.
  2. Select AP10 maintenance > Back up and restore.
  3. Select Back up to download the settings as a file named backup.json.
  4. Set up the new AP10 to the point where it is connected to the network. See Setting up AP10.
  5. Log in to the web interface on the new AP10.
  6. Select AP10 maintenance > Back up and restore.
  7. To apply the copied settings:
    1. Select Browse... and locate the downloaded file.
    2. Select Restore to apply the settings. The access point restarts automatically.
  8. After the access point has restarted, log in to the web interface again, and go through the following settings:
    • Network menu: If you are using a static IP address configuration, change the copied IP address to what it should be for this access point, and verify that the DNS settings are correct.

    • VaiNet radio menu: Set the VaiNet segment and VaiNet channel according to your device installation plan.