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AP10 requires accurate time to operate its VaiNet wireless connection, and to maintain correct time on the connected data loggers. To achieve the accurate time, AP10 synchronizes with Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. The hostnames of the default NTP servers are:





Reaching the default NTP servers requires an internet connection. To allow the AP10 to operate without an internet connection, replace one of the default NTP server addresses with the address of your local NTP server.

AP10 has a supercapacitor as a backup power source for its realtime clock. If AP10 is left without power for more than a day, the realtime clock will lose its time. If this happens AP10 will have to synchronize its clock with the NTP servers before it can operate its radio. This is typically the case when an AP10 is installed - it needs to synchronize its clock before it can start to connect VaiNet data loggers. Synchronization is also needed due to clock drift if the NTP servers cannot be reached for more than three weeks.

With access points that have software version 4.0.0 or higher, the synchronization typically takes a minute or two. It is normal for access points with earlier software versions to synchronize for up to 15 minutes.