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Table 1. Troubleshooting table
Problem Possible cause Solution

AP10 cannot connect to viewLinc Enterprise Server. The following message is shown on the display and the web interface:

Not connected to viewLinc

AP10 network settings are incorrect. Check and correct network settings of AP10. Verify that it can join the network.
AP10 does not have the address of the viewLinc Enterprise Server. Check and correct viewLinc settings of AP10.
Firewall is blocking the viewLinc communication port. Check that connections between AP10 and viewLinc Enterprise Server are allowed on port 12600 (default).
Network outage. Check that the Ethernet connection cable is attached to the AP10, and that the activity LEDs on the Ethernet connector are flashing. Contact your local IT support.
viewLinc version that is used requires TLS 1.3 encryption and the AP10 has a firmware version that does not support it.

Update firmware of the AP10 to version 4.5.0 or newer. See Updating AP10 firmware.

The following messages is shown on the display and the web interface:

Not connected to NTP

AP10 has not yet successfully communicated with an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server. Wait for AP10 to communicate with the NTP servers.
AP10 has been unable to synchronize time with any of the NTP servers on its list, or has been unable to communicate with an NTP server for more than three weeks. Check the NTP settings and take corrective action so that at least one of the listed NTP servers is reachable by the AP10. See Troubleshooting NTP connections.

The following message is shown on the display and the web interface:

VaiNet radio off

AP10 has not yet successfully synchronized its time with an NTP server. Wait for AP10 to synchronize its time with the NTP servers.
VaiNet channel has not been selected. Select a channel for the VaiNet radio. See Setting up AP10.
AP10 is in installation mode but data loggers are not connecting to it. Data loggers have turned off their radio temporarily to conserve battery. Wait patiently. Even normal connections take several minutes to complete. If a data logger has been out of contact with an access point for a long time, it may keep its radio off for up to eight hours.
AP10 cannot start its radio communication because it does not have accurate time from a network time protocol (NTP) server.

Verify that the AP10 is configured to connect to the right NTP server. Make sure the NTP server is accessible from the network. Note that internet access is required to reach the default NTP servers.

AP10 is configured for VaiNet segment B–D and the data loggers have an old firmware version that can only join segment A. Update the firmware version of the data loggers. See Updating VaiNet device firmware in a viewLinc system Technical Note (M212867EN).
Cannot log in to the web interface. Incorrect username and/or password. Enter the correct credentials. The user name is apadmin and the default password is ap123456.
AP10 turns off unexpectedly. AP10 is powered by the DC power supply, and the plug has disconnected since it was not locked into the power supply connector. Insert and lock the plug as instructed in the setup instruction. See Setting up AP10.
AP10 display turns off by itself. Display has been configured to turn off automatically. Check the display and LED settings of AP10 and configure as desired.

AP10 does not start up properly. The following message is shown on the display:

Persistent storage failure

Filesystem of the AP10 has been corrupted. Perform a factory reset. See Performing a factory reset.