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Perform this procedure to verify the normal operation of an AP10 access point. If you encounter problems or error messages, proceed as instructed in section Problem situations.
  1. Connect the Ethernet cable.
  2. If the Ethernet cable does not provide power, connect the DC power supply:
    1. Connect the plug to the power supply connector of AP10. Make sure the plug is oriented correctly and goes in all the way.
    2. Rotate the power plug slightly to lock it to the connector.
    3. Connect the power supply to the wall socket.
  3. Monitor the startup from the display. At startup, the access point performs several checks to verify that its hardware, filesystems, and configuration are in order. If the startup completes normally, the home screen is shown.

    If startup encounters errors, it may be able to automatically correct them and continue normally. Filesystem errors are typically recoverable. However, configuration errors may be fatal and prevent normal startup.

  4. Wait a minute for the home screen to update, then verify the status.
    Lack of a network connection or incorrect configuration will cause connectivity errows to be displayed. If the access point has been unpowered for more than a day, you will see an NTP connection error. The error continues to be shown while AP10 is synchronizing time with its configured NTP servers. It may take up to 15 minutes for it to disappear even when the NTP servers are reachable.
  5. Touch the screen to verify the operation of the touchscreen.