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Total gas pressure (TGP) is measurement parameter introduced in software version 1.12.0. Total gas pressure is the total dissolved gas pressure of the sampled oil volume, measured by the DGA monitor as part of its normal measurement cycle. The primary use of the TGP parameter is to determine if there is an air leak into a sealed transformer. In case of a leak, majority of the dissolved gases are nitrogen and oxygen, and the proportion of fault gases in the pressure value is negligible. The pressure trend of the dissolved gasses gives reliable indication of leak, as nitrogen is the dominant component, and it is not formed or consumed in reactions inside the transformer.

From software version 1.13.0 onward TGP measurement results (current value and 24 hour average) are available through output protocols, and TGP measurement can be used for gas alerts. TGP has its own separate graph view on page Measurements > Total gas pressure.