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OPT100 User Guide

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Figure 1. Protocol test mode enabled

Protocol test mode overrides the data that is available to communication protocols with arbitrary test data. The mode is useful for verifying proper handling of data and alarms when integrating the DGA monitor with a SCADA system. The recommendation is to use the protocol test mode during commissioning, after the required output protocols have been configured and enabled.

Protocol test mode can only be used by the Admin user. When the mode is activated, the user is presented with a page that shows default test values for each output parameter, and allows values and alert statuses to be changed as desired.

Clicking Close on the page ends the protocol test mode immediately. The user can also select to end the test mode after a timeout. The available timeout values are:

  • 1 h
  • 3 h
  • 6 h
  • 12 h
  • 24 h
  • No timeout

Be careful if you use the No timeout option, as DGA monitor will remain in the test mode indefinitely until it is manually closed.

When the test mode is enabled, normal measurement operation of the DGA monitor continues in the background. Only the data available through the digital output protocols is affected. When the mode ends, real measurement data and alert status are again available through the protocols.