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Device alerts are warnings and errors that communicate potential problems with the DGA monitor device. Device alert status is shown in the header at the top of the user interface. A message that describes the alert is also shown.

Device alerts come in two severities:

  • Warnings are less serious and may not require any action to be taken.
  • Errors typically prevent normal measurement and require user intervention to recover from.

Contact Vaisala for support if you are unable to resolve a device alert yourself. From the Service page of the user interface you can create a diagnostic data file that can help Vaisala diagnose the device alert. It is recommended that you do this if your DGA monitor stops due to an error, regardless of if the error was successfully resolved.

Table 1. Device alerts
Code Alert text Severity Description
1098 Measurement cycle started after an error Warning

The measurement cycle has been started after an error. It is yet unclear if the error has been resolved and the measurement cycle can be completed successfully. Please wait.

This warning is inactivated once the measurement cycle has been completed successfully.

1401 Unable to measure due to unstable temperature Warning

Results of the latest measurement cycle have been rejected due to unstable temperature. This is typically caused by the cabinet door being left open.

  1. Close the cabinet door of the DGA monitor.
  2. Wait for the next measurement cycle to complete to see if the problem has been solved.
  3. Contact Vaisala support is the problem remains.
1402 Unable to measure due to unstable light intensity level Warning Results of the latest measurement cycle have been rejected due to unstable intensity level of the optical measurement module. Contact Vaisala support if this warning repeats for many measurement cycles.
1501 Hardware clock time lost Warning

Hardware clock of the DGA monitor has incorrect time. Set new time or enable time sync in the Settings > General page.

If this error reoccurs, consider changing the backup battery of the real-time clock. Contact Vaisala support for help with changing the backup battery.

1502 Unable to read measurement module calibration file Warning The system is unable to read the calibration file of the optical measurement module. DGA monitor continues measuring without the optical measurements. Contact Vaisala support.
2099 Measurement cycle fault Error

If the DGA monitor has a serious hardware problem or cannot measure due to some external cause, it will automatically stop trying to run the measurement cycles. See Resolving measurement cycle fault

2102 Oil inside cabinet Error The float sensor inside DGA monitor cabinet is activated, indicating a possible oil leak. It is recommended to check the device right away. Inspect inside the DGA monitor and oil lines to determine the cause of the error, and remove it if possible.

If necessary, drain the liquid out by opening a connector at the bottom of the DGA monitor (Spare, item 8, see OPT100 cable glands and connectors). Remove the cables or black plug to drain the liquid out. Reinstall cables or plug after draining.

This error may appear if the measurement has not been started with DGA monitor in an upright position. Install the DGA monitor in an upright position and perform the initialization to clear the error.

2200 Valve 2 failure Error
  1. Open the DGA monitor cabinet and locate valve 2. See Interior parts.

  2. Check the position of the manual lock on valve 2. If the grey knob is pushed down, the valve is locked and that is causing the error.

  3. Turn the knob counter-clockwise 90 degrees to open the lock and resolve the error.

If the lock is open the valve must be replaced to resolve the error. Contact Vaisala support.

2201 Lower level sensor failure Error

DGA monitor is unable to continue initialization due to a lower level sensor failure. The lower level sensor may be disconnected, malfunctioning, or broken.

Check if the connections are functional or if the sensor needs to be replaced. Contact Vaisala support.

2300 Excess gas in the system Error

There is excess gas in the measurement system, and the DGA monitor is unable to safely dissolve the gases back into the oil.

You must bleed the excess gas from the system to resume normal operation. See Bleeding DGA monitor.

2400 Hydrogen and moisture module communication error Error

Communication to hydrogen and moisture module MHT411 is not working properly.

Download diagnostics package from Service page and send it to Vaisala support.