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DNP3 protocol is an optional feature and requires a license. If a license is not installed on the DGA monitor, you cannot enable the protocol.

OPT100 DGA monitor provides the following functionality over DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol):

  • Latest measured values of measurement parameters and latest calculated rate of change (ROC) and gas ratio values are available as analog input points.
  • Gas level alerts are available as binary input points.
  • Time synchronization using DNP3 is supported. Note that time synchronization using DNP3 must be separately enabled, it is not automatically used.

DNP3 is supported over the Ethernet interface and the RS-485 interface, but DNP3 cannot be enabled for both interfaces at the same time.

You can download the DNP3 device profile in XML format from the Settings > Network > DNP3 page of the user interface. It is needed to configure your DNP3 master system. A description of the interface is also available as a separate PDF document.