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System status is shown in the header at the top of the user interface. Note that the presence of alerts (gas level alerts or device alerts) is indicated by a separate alert indicator.

Table 1. System statuses
Symbol and text Meaning

DGA monitor is performing autocalibration cycles. Autocalibration improves measurement performance by adapting the DGA monitor to transformer oil conditions. Autocalibration takes from 2 to 5 days depending on the conditions.

After autocalibration has been completed successfully, DGA monitor automatically starts normal measurement operation.

System state is being determined. This state is shown after a software update has been performed.
Normal operation; DGA monitor is performing measurement cycles.
 Not initialized
DGA monitor has not been initialized. Initialization is part of the installation and requires physical access inside the DGA monitor cabinet.
DGA monitor is being initialized.
 In service
DGA monitor is performing a service action, for example, running a service tool.
DGA monitor is idle and waiting for commands from the administrator. Measurement cycles are not being performed.
Normal measurement is being stopped. When complete, the DGA monitor will remain in the standby state.
DGA monitor has stopped measurement due to an error.
 System error
System status of the DGA monitor could not be determined.
DGA monitor is being uninstalled. Uninstallation empties the DGA monitor of oil and prepares the measurement system for transportation.
Software update is in progress.