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Autocalibration improves measurement performance by adapting the DGA monitor to transformer oil conditions. Autocalibration takes from 2 to 5 days depending on conditions.

It is not normally necessary to start autocalibration manually, and autocalibration always runs automatically after a DGA monitor is initialized. However, it is recommended to start autocalibration in some specific cases, for example after the software of the DGA monitor has been updated.

CAUTION Manual autocalibration is not recommended for devices using synthetic ester liquid if the ambient temperature is -10 °C (+14 °F) or below. The autocalibration accuracy is compromised in cold temperatures.
  1. Connect to the user interface as the Admin user.
  2. Select Control and verify that the system is currently measuring. You can only start autocalibration when DGA monitor is in Measuring state.
  3. Select Autocalibration and verify the current autocalibration status. Do not attempt to start autocalibration if it is already ongoing.
  4. Select Start. DGA monitor will perform autocalibration and continue with normal measurement cycles after it is completed.