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Muting gas level alerts temporarily disables any indications that any gas level alerts are active:

  • Alert indicator in the user interface is set to non-alerting state (unless any device alerts are active)
  • If one or more relays have been activated by gas level alerts, they are inactivated
  • Status LEDs do not indicate that a gas level alert is active
  • Output protocols do not communicate any gas level alerts as active (but will set appropriate status bits/flags to signal that gas level alarms are muted)

Admin user can mute gas level alerts by selecting Mute gas alerts on the Alerts page.

Muting of gas level alerts continues until any one of the following occurs:

  • Severity of any muted gas level alert rises from caution to alarm
  • Any new gas level alert is activated
  • Admin user selects Unmute gas alerts on the Alerts page
Figure 1. Alert page with methane caution alert visible