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  • Software update file for DGA monitor
CAUTION Software update may change the settings of your DGA monitor. This is necessary as new features are added and settings of previously existing features are updated. After a successful software update, go through the pages in the Settings menu. For example, verify that the necessary communication protocols are enabled and their settings are correct.
Updated software may include improvements to the measurement algorithm. These updates are only applied to new measurement cycles after the update, which may cause some discontinuity in the measured gas levels even if the concentration of gases in the measured oil has not changed. Vaisala recommends starting autocalibration manually after a software update.
Software update does not delete the measurement data stored on the DGA monitor.
  1. Connect to the user interface as the Admin user.
  2. Switch the DGA monitor to Standby mode by stopping measurement.
  3. Verify that date and time on the DGA monitor are set correctly.
  4. Wait for DGA monitor to stop and enter the Standby mode. Depending on the stage in the measurement cycle, stopping may take up to 60 min.
  5. Select Service > Software update > Update > Browse and locate the firmware update file.
  6. Select Upload to send the file to the DGA monitor.
  7. DGA monitor verifies that the file was received successfully, and starts the update. The update may take up to 30 min. When the process is complete, a user interface message will show the result of the update.

    Do not power off the DGA monitor during the update. Do not attempt to reconfigure the DGA monitor, generate a diagnostic data package, or use any other functions of the user interface until the update is ready.

    While waiting for the update to complete you may lose connection to the user interface, or receive a message indicating that the update has failed. This may happen because your browsing session expires or due to a network connectivity problem, and does not necessarily mean that the upgrade has actually failed. To continue from this situation, close the browser window, and reconnect to the user interface as the Admin user.
  8. Verify that the new software version is displayed as the current software version on the Software update page. This means the software update has been successful.
  9. Verify the current Settings of the DGA monitor. The software update may have added new settings or changed existing ones.
  10. Switch the DGA monitor back to Measuring mode to continue normal measurement by starting measurement.
  11. Optional: Start autocalibration manually to make sure any updates to the autocalibration mechanism are applied right away.
    Autocalibration takes from 2 to 5 days depending on conditions.