Verifying safety after repair - OPT100

OPT100 User Guide

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Go through the following verification steps after performing repairs on the DGA monitor.
  1. If you have replaced or altered any mechanical parts of the DGA monitor cabinet or mounting accessories, verify that:
    • Cabinet can be opened and closed normally.
    • Cabinet tightness is maintained.
    • All attachment points are intact.
  2. If you have replaced any electrical components or wiring, verify that:
    • All components that are secured to a DIN rail are firmly in place.
    • There are no disconnected cables or loose wires.
    • All grounding wires are attached.
    • Wiring is done according to the wiring instructions in the OPT100 Installation Guide (M211857EN), unless intentionally altered by the repair procedure.
  3. If you have replaced any of the oil handling components (pipes, valves, pump, oil block, etc.) or opened any of the oil connections, verify that:
    • There are no open oil connections.
    • All oil handling components are securely attached.
    • All oil leaks have been cleaned and wiped clean. No oil is visible on the parts or oil connections.