Turning on DGA monitor after maintenance - OPT100

OPT100 User Guide

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CAUTION If the circuit breakers will not stay in the ON position, turn off Mains power to the DGA monitor immediately and inspect the Mains and OPTPSU power wiring. The circuit breakers may be tripping because of a loose wire or incorrect connection.
  1. Verify that the circuit breakers Main and Heat inside the DGA monitor are turned on.
  2. Turn on power inside the power supply unit:
    1. Open the power supply unit cabinet.
    2. Turn on circuit breaker F1.
    3. Turn on switch S1.
  3. Turn on OPTPSU power to the DGA monitor:
    1. Check if there are any warning labels attached to the disconnection device. If there are, make sure it is safe to turn on the OPTPSU power. Remove any labels that are now unnecessary.
    2. If the external disconnection device is locked in the off position, unlock it.
    3. Turn on OPTPSU power from the external disconnection device.