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DGA monitor has a comprehensive selection of individual gas level alerts:

  • 4 possible alerts for each measured gas and the total dissolved combustible gases (TDCG) parameter: latest measured value, ROC 1 day, ROC 7 days, and ROC 30 days.
  • Total gas pressure (TGP) and moisture alerts (ppm and %RS) can be configured for the latest measured value.

Each alert has two separate limits, caution and alarm. The limits are maximum limits, and the alert is activated when the gas level is above the limit. As an exception, the TGP alert limits can also be defined as a minimum limit, which activates the alert when total gas pressure is below the limit value.

Active gas level alerts are seen in the user interface, status LEDs, and output protocols. They also control relay activation.

In addition to alert limits, DGA monitor implements additional rules to prevent unnecessary alerts:

  • Only reliable measurement results can activate alerts. If the DGA monitor has been in the standby state, it must complete 3 measurement cycles before alarms can be activated.
  • Alerts will not be activated during the initial autocalibration after installation.
  • A single large jump in the measured value that exceeds the alert limit will not activate an alert. The previous measurement must be at least 75% of the latest measurement to activate an alert. If the measured value remains over the limit when the next measurement cycle is completed, the alert is activated.

Alerts are deactivated as follows:

  • Alerts for gas concentration values are deactivated after 20 consecutive results have been below the alert limit.

  • Alerts for rate of change (ROC) values are deactivated after the latest result is below 90% of the alert limit.

Gas level alerts can also be temporarily muted by the Admin user.