Resolving measurement cycle fault - OPT100

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Figure 1. Measurement cycle fault active

Measurement cycle fault (code 2099) device alert is activated when DGA monitor has detected a problem that prevents measurement, and has automatically stopped running measurement cycles. Possible causes include hardware failure and problems with the oil connection. For example, someone may have closed the oil valve(s) on the transformer and prevented the DGA monitor from pumping oil.

To resolve the problem:

  1. Connect to the user interface as the Admin user.
  2. Read any active messages in the user interface.
  3. Check currently active alerts on the Alerts page.
  4. Check status of DGA monitor on the Control page.
  5. Inspect the DGA monitor and oil lines to determine the cause of the error, and remove it if possible. For example, open the oil valves on the transformer if they are closed.
  6. If you have resolved the likely problem or there does not seem to be an apparent cause, select Control > Start Measuring to restart measurement.
  7. Wait to see if the DGA monitor is able to complete a measurement cycle and keep running normally.
    The device alert will change to Measurement cycle started after an error (code 1098), which will be inactivated when the first cycle after the restart is successfully completed.
  8. If the DGA monitor stops measuring again and the measurement cycle fault returns, try to restart measurement once more.
  9. If the problem is not resolved after a couple of attempts:
    1. Perform the uninstallation procedure according to instructions but stop uninstalling at 15. Do not disconnect any cabling.
    2. Reconnect the oil lines.
    3. Perform the initialization procedure according to OPT100 Installation Guide (M211857EN).
    4. After a successful initialization, select Control > Start Measuring to restart measurement.
  10. If uninstalling and re-initialization did not remove the problem:
    1. Generate a new diagnostic data file from the DGA monitor.
    2. Contact Vaisala support and provide the diagnostic data file to help diagnose the error.