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Figure 1. Measurement graph.

Measurements page provides views into the measurement data in graphical and tabular formats. Gas measurements tab shows the primary graph view.

Graph area. Measurement data created during autocalibration is marked with a light blue background.
Zoom factor controls for y-axes. You can also use the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom level.
Pop-up that shows the values at the point below the cursor.
Quick selection buttons for preset time windows.
Drop-down menu for selecting the parameter set that is shown.

Control for selecting the behavior of the graph when you click and drag over the graph area. Pan moves the graph while keeping the same zoom level, Box zoom zooms in to the highlighted area when you release the mouse button.

Parameters that are shown on the left y-axis. Select the color tab to show or hide a parameter.
Time slider for selecting the time window shown in the graph area. To adjust the size of the time window, drag the edges of the slider. To move the time window, drag the slider.
Measurement parameters on the right y-axis. Drag individual parameters to this area to show them on the right y-axis. This is useful when one of the parameters has a different range of values than the rest.

Graph lines show empty gaps if data is missing from 2 consecutive measurement cycles or for more than 3 hours. Data may be missing for several reasons. For example, DGA monitor may have been turned off, in standby mode, or measurement cycles have not produced reliable results for some or all measurement parameters.

Figure 2. Measurement graph for 1 day rate of change values
Figure 3. Total gas pressure graph.

Total gas pressure tab shows the total gas pressure measurement graph. Pressure measurement data is not provided during autocalibration cycles.

You can change the pressure unit that is used to display the graph on page Settings > Units.

Figure 4. Table of latest values.

Latest values tab shows the latest measured and calculated values as a single table. To download all of the measured data into a file, select Download Data at the bottom of the page. The format of the file is CSV (comma separated value), and you can easily import it into common spreadsheet programs.