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Adjust reported values with offsets. Offsets are applied to the measured values as increments or decrements.

Figure 1. Configuring offsets in measurement settings
  • Apply saves changes.
  • Undo returns to previously applied offsets.
  • Clear removes configured offsets.
  1. Go to Settings > Measurements > Offset.
  2. Calculate offsets. Offsets can be increments or decrements.
    New offset is applied to the original measured values, not previously offset values.
  3. Fill values into all Offset fields.
  4. Select Apply to save changes.
    After applying the settings, you cannot return to the previous offsets. The previous offsets can be viewed in the data file.
    To download history data, go to Measurements > Latest values > Download Data.
View offset values in Measurements page. Offset flag in the graphs shows when the newest offset has been applied. Offsets are added to measured values, 1 day averages, gas ratios and custom averages. Offset values are also shown in DGA Diagnostics.
Figure 2. Offsets in Measurements
If you have set gas level alerts, offsets may cause additional alarms.