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Configure custom calculation of averages based on measurement points or time intervals. The values will be calculated to the new dataset separately from the default 24 h averages.

Figure 1. Configuring custom averages in measurement settings
  1. Go to Settings > Measurements > Averaging.
  2. Enable custom averaging.
  3. Select Hours or Measurement points.
  4. Add values into Averaging fields as needed.

    If a field is left empty, custom average for the particular gas is not calculated.

  5. Select Apply.
View custom averages in Measurements page:
Go to Gas measurements tab and select Custom averages in the dropdown menu. Avg flag in the graph shows when the custom average has been set.
Figure 2. Custom averages in Measurements
In Latest values tab, you can see custom average values in a separate column.
To download history data, go to Measurements > Latest values > Download Data.