Using protocol test mode - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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Figure 1. Protocol test mode enabled
  1. In the user interface, select Settings > Network > Protocol Test Mode.
  2. Check the status of the protocols listed under Protocols. Make sure the protocols you want are enabled. If they are not, you must enable and configure them first before continuing this procedure.
  3. Select Start to enable the protocol test mode and open the protocol test mode page.
    The page is preconfigured with arbitrary default values for measurement parameters. The values are all different to make it easy to verify on the SCADA side that the correct parameter is being read and displayed. Scroll the page to reveal all of the fields.
  4. To set your own test data:
    1. Edit the values as required.
    2. Check the checkboxes to enable the desired caution and warning level alerts.
    3. Select Update at the bottom of the page to take the new test data into use.
  5. The test mode will end automatically after one hour. You can select a longer timeout from the drop-down menu marked Test mode timeout in. Select Update to take the new timeout into use.
  6. Start testing by reading information from the DGA monitor from the SCADA system side.
  7. When you are done testing, select Close to end the test mode immediately or wait until the end of the timeout.