Connecting auxiliary communication devices - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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CAUTION To avoid surges to the DMU, use an isolator when connecting a data cable from the DMU to an auxiliary device that has electrical connections outside the DGA monitor.
Vaisala does not take responsibility for any disturbances to the measuring performance of Optimus DGA monitor caused by 3rd party devices.
Liability for customer installed devices is not covered by Vaisala.
Only devices with 24 V DC input voltage and maximum class B electromagnetic interference (EMI) are allowed to be installed inside the DGA monitor.
Make sure the auxiliary device complies with local safety and EMC regulations.
Follow these instructions to correctly and safely connect an auxiliary connection device such as a modem or optical network unit into the DGA monitor. The maximum power rating of the auxiliary device is 48 W (2 A).
  1. Install the auxiliary device into the DIN rail on the right side of the DGA monitor.
    Auxiliary device
    Terminal blocks (Y5)
    Circuit breaker F3 (Y4)
    Make sure the auxiliary device is not touching the existing components to avoid surges and thermal disturbances.
  2. Make sure the auxiliary device is firmly in place.
  3. Turn off the auxiliary device power by swiching off circuit breaker F3.
  4. Connect the auxiliary device cables to terminal blocks at position Y5.
    Figure 1. Terminal block Y5 wiring example
  5. If you are connecting a device that has cables coming from the outside of the DGA monitor, use the free cable glands at the bottom of the DGA monitor and ground shielded cables onto the cable glands.
    CAUTION Use the provided cable glands to maintain the ingress protection rating of the cabinet.
  6. Turn power on from circuit breaker F3.
  7. Check the correct operation of the system.
  8. Tie the auxiliary device cables together with a cable tie.