Installation location of DGA monitor - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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DGA monitor can be attached to the transformer chassis or to its immediate vicinity. The location must fulfill the following requirements:
  • The location must be close to the oil connections to minimize the length of the oil lines. The maximum length of the lines is 10 m (33 ft) each.

  • The location must be safely accessible from the floor without the need to climb or reach.

  • There must be enough room and suitable supporting structures to install the DGA monitor in a vertical orientation. The DGA monitor must not be tilted more than 5 degrees.

  • If the Ground Mounting Set is used, there must be a level concrete surface that is at least 100 mm thick.

If you have many suitable locations, prefer the following:

  • Locations that are protected from rain and solar radiation.

  • Locations where the vibration and heat from the transformer are not directly conducted to the DGA monitor.