Connecting Ethernet - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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  • Shielded outdoor Ethernet cable with a RJ45 connector for the permanent Ethernet connection
  • Protection shell for Ethernet connector
Ethernet connector ETH1 inside the DGA monitor is intended for temporary local use only. For a permanent network connection, use the Ethernet connector under the DGA monitor.
CAUTION Do not make a fixed Ethernet connection directly to DMU or any other ports not mentioned in these instructions. Bypassing protection components and connecting directly to other ports can damage components.
  1. Assemble the protection shell over the RJ45 connector on your Ethernet cable. Assemble according to Code A: see instructions on top of the bag that contains the parts.
    CAUTION You must use the protection shell to maintain the ingress protection rating of the cabinet.
    Figure 1. RJ45 connector inside the protection shell
  2. Open the plug marked Ethernet under the DGA monitor.
  3. Plug in the Ethernet cable.
  4. Tighten the connector by hand.

    If you are unable to connect through the provided default port cable gland, use the green isolator port for connecting Ethernet. Replace the existing cable coming from the bottom of the DGA monitor to the port and ensure ingress protection through cable glands.

    Figure 2. Alternative Ethernet connection