Mounting with Wall Mounting Set - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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  • Wall Mounting Set (Vaisala item OPTMSET1)

    • Installation beam (2 pcs)
    • Cradle for Power Supply Unit
    • Screws and washers
  • M8 anchors or bolts (suitable for wall material)
  • 6-mm Allen key

Use enough anchors or bolts to fill local safety factor requirements. Also account for possible vibrations and other sources of additional mechanical stress.

Use anchors or bolts that are suitable for the wall material at the installation location. Note that they are not included with the Wall Mounting Set.

  1. Attach one of the installation beams to the mounting location, at a height where you want the top of the OPT100 cabinet to be. Make sure it is securely attached from at least two points, and can bear the full weight of the DGA monitor.
  2. Attach the second installation beam at the height of the second set of mounting holes.
  3. Attach screws with washers to the top mounting holes of each pair on the sides of the OPT100 cabinet (four screws in total). Tighten them enough to safely bear the weight of the cabinet but not all the way in. The second hole of each set must remain free at this point.
  4. With two people lifting, lift the OPT100 cabinet up and hang it from installation beams by the screws. If the lower installation beam is not at the correct height, re-attach it at the correct height before attempting this step again.
  5. Tighten the four screws to secure the cabinet in place.
  6. Add a second screw (with washer) below each of the installed screws, and tighten them. The cabinet is now secured to the installation beams by a total of eight screws.
    Installation beam mounting screws.
    Leave second set of mounting holes free for weather shield installation.