Initializing DGA monitor - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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  • 5-mm Allen key

Before starting the initialization, make sure that:

  • DGA monitor is fully installed and wired.
  • All oil connections are completed.
  • Necessary trace heating and thermal insulation is in place for devices using synthetic ester liquids.
  • DGA monitor is turned on.
  • You are connected to the user interface with a web browser.
CAUTION Do not perform initialization for devices using synthetic ester liquid in temperatures below -10 °C (+14 °F).

You must have physical access to the DGA monitor cabinet and the oil valves on the transformer. Do not try to perform the initialization remotely.

You can stop the initialization sequence at most phases by selecting Control > Cancel.

While waiting between the initialization steps, you can navigate away from the Control page and access the other pages (for example, to perform system configuration tasks). Remember to come back to the Control page to complete the initialization.
  1. In the user interface, select Control.
  2. Read the instructions on screen and verify that DGA monitor is waiting to be initialized.
  3. Select Start to start the initialization sequence.
  4. Turn the gray knob on the side of the bleed valve 90° counterclockwise to open the manual override lock. The knob pops outward when the lock is open. Select OK when done.

    The initialization sequence performs a test to verify that the manual lock on the bleed valve is now open. In rare cases, it is possible for the test to fail even if the lock has been opened. If the test fails, you can choose to skip the test and proceed with the initialization. Skip the test only if you are certain the lock is open.

  5. Remove the bleed plug from the bleed valve using the 5-mm Allen key. It does not take many rotations to remove so be careful not to drop it. Select OK when done.
  6. Open the oil intake and return valves on the transformer and select OK .
  7. Wait for the DGA monitor to fill with oil. Oil pressure from the transformer is used in the beginning of the filling, and assisted using the oil pump of the DGA monitor in the later stage. Typical duration of this step is 30 ... 60 minutes, depending on oil pressure, viscosity, temperature, and length of the oil lines.
  8. When instructed to do so, reattach the bleed plug to the bleed valve. Select Continue when done.
  9. When the user interface informs that the initialization is complete, select OK. DGA monitor is now in standby, waiting for you to start the measurement.
Figure 1. Transformer valves are open when DGA monitor is measuring