Configuring relays - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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Figure 1. Relay settings page
  1. In the user interface, select Settings > Relays.
  2. Each of the three relays is configured individually. For each relay:
    1. Select relay Mode:
      • In Normal mode, the relay is activated by the selected Trigger.
      • In Test mode, the relay activation is controlled manually from the Set test state buttons.

      If the relay is not used, select the Test mode. You can also use it to test that wiring has been connected correctly.

    2. Select relay Trigger:
      • Gas Caution activates the relay if any gas level alert of caution severity is active.
      • Gas Alarm activates the relay if any gas level alert of alarm severity is active.
      • Device Error activates the relay if a device error is active.

    Settings are applied immediately.