Post-installation checklist - OPT100

OPT100 Installation Guide

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Verify items in this checklist after you have completed all installation steps.

Table 1. Post-installation checklist
Item Yes No Comment
Mechanical installation stable and secure
DGA monitor is installed vertically and not tilted more than 5 degrees
Mains power connection and protective grounding verified
All unused cable glands blocked and cable glands tightened
Necessary pipe insulation and trace heating is in place
Operation of relays tested
Oil pipe connections checked for leaks
Initialization completed successfully
DGA monitor powered on and in measurement mode (not standby)
No errors active in user interface
Status LED on DGA monitor door is green
Bleed plug in place on the bleed valve
Connection to DGA monitor verified from SCADA system
DGA monitor cabinet closed and locked with all three locks
Power supply unit cabinet closed and locked