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The following figures represent the wind measurement averaging for different selections of communication protocol, wind measurement update interval (I) and averaging time (A). Scalar averaging is used for both wind speed and direction.

Grey boxes indicate that the measurement is in progress during the corresponding second.

Update (= internal calculation) is always made in the end of the update interval.

In the auto sending protocols (ASCII automatic (+ CRC) and NMEA automatic) outputting the data messages is synchronized to take place immediately after the update.

In ASCII polled (+ CRC), NMEA query and SDI-12 continuous measurement protocols trying to request data before the update interval is completed will result in getting the data from the previous completed update interval.

Wind measurement sampling rate (4, 2, or 1 Hz) does not have any effect on the averaging scheme. It determines from how many samples the one second values seen in the figures are calculated.

Figure 1. Wind measurement averaging method