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WXT530 Series User Guide

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When operating the sensor in temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F), select a model with an internal heater and enable the heater for operation.

The heating elements located below the precipitation sensor and inside the wind transducers help keeping the sensors clean from snow and ice. A heating temperature (Th) sensor underneath the precipitation sensor controls the heating. Note that Th is measured inside the equipment, where temperature is much higher than the ambient temperature (Ta).

The heating control tries to keep Th at +15 °C by adjusting the heating power. The heater control switches heating resistors on and off based on heating voltage and Th.

Table 1. Heater resistance
Transmitter model Heater resistance when Vh < 15 V Heater resistance when Vh > 15 V

WXT536, WXT535, WXT533, WXT532

15 57
WXT531 27

The instant current depends on the heater voltage. You must select the power supply with the instant current in mind. The average heating power and heater performance do not depend on the heating voltage.

When the heating function is disabled, the heating is off in all conditions.

Snow accumulation can cause temporary wind measurement problems even when heating is enabled.