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The 8-pin M12 connector is located on the bottom of the transmitter.

Figure 1. Pins of 8-pin M12 connector

The following table shows the pin connections for the 8-pin M12 connector and the wire colors of the respective M12 cable (optional, 2/10 m).

Table 1. Pinouts for WXT530 Series serial interfaces and power supplies
Wire color M12 pin # RS-2321 SDI-121 RS-4851 RS-4221 mA output2
White 1 Data in (RxD) Data in/out (Rx) - Data out (TX-) Iout2
Brown 2 Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating)
Green 3 GND for data GND for data GND for data Data out (TX+) GND Iout2
Yellow 4 Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating)
Gray 5 - - Data+ Data in (RX+) GND Iout1
Pink 6 Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating)
Blue 7 Data out (TxD) Data in/out (Tx) Data- Data in (RX-) Iout1
Red 8 Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating)
Table 2. Screw terminal pinouts
Screw terminal RS-232 SDI-12 RS-485 RS-422
10 HTG- Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating)
9 HTG+ Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating)
8 SGND GND for data GND for data GND for data GND for data
7 RXD Data in (RxD) Data in (Rx) - -
6 TX+ - - Data+ Data out (TX-)
5 TX- Data out (TxD) Data out (Tx) Data - Data out (TX+)
4 RX+ - - - Data in (Rx+)
3 RX- - - - Data in (Rx-)
2 VIN- Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating) Vin- (operating)
1 VIN+ Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating)

The signal names Data in (RxD) and Data out (TxD) in the table describe the direction of data flow as seen from the transmitter.

Ground the external wiring shield. The shield is not connected inside WXT.
In true SDI-12, Data in (Rx) and Data out (Tx) lines must be combined.
Short circuit loops are required between terminals 3 & 5, and 4 & 6 for RS-485. See Internal wiring.
Do not use operating power supply ground (VIN-) for communication (RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12, RS-422). Use SGND communication ground (GND).
Table 3. WXT532 mA output option screw terminal pinouts
Screw terminal mA output
10 HTG- Vh- (heating)
9 HTG+ Vh+ (heating)
8 GND2 GND Iout2
7 Iout2 Iout2 (direction)
6 GND1 GND Iout1
5 Iout1 Iout1 (wind)
4 NC -
3 NC -
2 VIN- Vin- (operating)
1 VIN+ Vin+ (operating)

The terms "Default wiring" and "RS-422 wiring" refer to the internal wiring options.

1 Available for all models
2 WXT532 option