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WXT530 Series User Guide

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  1. Loosen the 3 long screws at the bottom of the transmitter.
  2. Pull out the bottom part of the transmitter.
  3. Insert the power supply wires and signal wires through the cable gland(s) in the bottom of the transmitter.
    Cable glands are included in the optional Bushing and Grounding Kit (222109).
  4. Connect the wires as shown in Table 1.
  5. Replace the bottom part and tighten the 3 screws.
    Make sure that the flat cable does not get squeezed or stuck between the top and the funnel for the flat cable and it is properly connected. To make sure that the radiation shield stays straight, do not tighten the screws all the way in one go. Do not overtighten.
Figure 1. Screw terminal block
Table 1. Screw terminal pinouts for serial interfaces and power supplies
Screw terminal PIN RS-232 SDI-12 RS-485 RS-422 mA output
1 VIN+ Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating) Vin+ (operating)
2 VIN- Vin- (operating GND) Vin- (operating GND) Vin- (operating GND) Vin- operating GND) Vin- (operating GND)
3 RX- Data- Data in (RX-)
4 RX+ Data+ Data in (RX+)
5 TX- Data out (TxD) Data in/out (Tx) Data- Data out (TX-) Iout1
6 TX+ Data+ Data out (TX+) GND
7 RXD Data in (RxD) Data in/out (Rx) Iout2
8 SGND Communication ground (GND) Communication ground (GND) Communication ground (GND) GND
9 HTG+ Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating) Vh+ (heating)
10 HTG- Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating) Vh- (heating)
Use a shielded cable and ground the external wiring shield.
For the SDI-12 mode, the Data in/out (Tx) and Data in/out (Rx) signals must be connected internally by looping pins 5 and 7, or, externally by looping the M12 pins 1 and 7.

If you ordered the transmitter with any other serial communication than RS-422, the internal wiring has loops between pins 3 and 5, and between 4 and 6. For RS-422 operation, you must remove the loops. For the RS-485 communication mode, short-circuit loops are required between pins 3-5 and 4-6.

3 = RX Data-, Loop with Blue

4 = RX Data+, Loop with Gray

5 = TX Data-, Blue wire

6 = TX Data+, Gray wire

The transmitter has by default factory-installed loops in all serial communication options except RS-422.

For units with no data connector and other communication interface than RS-422, the loop wires are delivered in a plastic bag.