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WXT530 Series User Guide

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The USB service cable has a 4-pin M8 connector for service port. Use the service cable connection for checking and changing device settings. When making the changes, use the Vaisala Configuration Tool or a standard PC terminal program.

Figure 1. Service cable connection

The USB service cable is included in the Service Pack 2.

When you connect the USB service cable between the service connector and PC USB port, the service port settings are forced automatically to RS-232 / 19200, 8, N, 1, and the main serial port at the M12 connector at the screw terminals is disabled.

  1. Use the USB service cable to establish a connection between the USB port of your PC and the M8 service port connector on the bottom plate of the transmitter.
  2. Open the Vaisala Configuration Tool or a terminal program.
  3. Select the COM port reserved for the USB cable and select the following default communication settings:
    19200, 8, N, 1.
  4. Use the Vaisala Configuration Tool or a terminal program to make the configuration changes.
  5. When removing the service cable, support the transmitter while pulling the 4-pin M8 connector for service port.
    The connection is tight, and it is possible to change the alignment of the transmitter if you pull too hard.

Changes to the serial interface/communication protocol/baud settings take place when you disconnect the service cable or reset the transmitter.

If these settings are not changed during the service connection session, the original main port settings (at M12 and screw terminals) are returned when the service cable is disconnected from either end.