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WXT530 Series User Guide

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The following table shows the connection cable options for the WXT530 series transmitters. The USB cables connect the transmitter to a PC using a standard USB port. The USB cables also provide operation power to the transmitter when connected. Note that the USB cables do not provide power to the sensor heating.

Table 1. Connection cable options
Cable name Connector on sensor end Connector on user end Order code
USB service cable (1.4 m) M8 female USB type A 220614

(includes Vaisala Configuration Tool)

USB RS-232/RS-485 cable (1.4 m) M12 female USB type A 220782
2-meter cable M12 female No connector; open end wires 222287
10-meter cable M12 female No connector; open end wires 222288
40-meter cable No connector; open end wires No connector; open end wires 217020
10-meter extension cable M12 female M12 male CBL210679
50-meter cable 1 M12 female No connector; open end wires 245931

If you use the USB RS-232/RS-485 cable for a permanent installation, Vaisala recommends that you use the WSP152 surge protector to protect the host PC against surges entering through the USB port.

1 If you use heating, you need a 24 VDC power supply with the 50-meter cable.