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WXT530 Series User Guide

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To avoid errors in transmission, Vaisala recommends implementing the retry functionality for Modbus master software. If the sensor does not respond to the first Modbus query command, the same query is sent again.
WXT530 has a non-isolated RS-485 serial line as a Modbus interface. WXT530 uses 2 Modbus register ranges:

You can read the input registers and both read and write in the holding registers.

You can control device functionality and configuration in Modbus holding registers.

Table 1. Register ranges
Register range Description Register type
1 - 11 Device status Holding
1 - 31 Commonly used unit system independent values Input
32 - 51 Measurement values in metric units Input
52 - 71 Measurement values in imperial units Input
72 - 112 Other measurement values Input
The register values are expressed as 16-bit integers with the use of suitable scaling factors (SF), if needed. The measurement values are multiplied with a scaling factor and mapped to the 16-bit registers as an integer. The register value ranges are:
  • 0 … 65530 for unsigned (U) values. 65535 indicates an invalid or unavailable value.
  • -32762 … 32762 for signed (S) values. 32767 indicates an invalid or unavailable value.