Installing USB cable driver - WXT530

WXT530 Series User Guide

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Before taking the USB cable into use, you must install the USB cable driver on your PC. The driver is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  1. Make sure that the USB cable is not connected.
  2. Insert the WXT530 driver memory stick in the USB port.
  3. Go to the USB-driver folder and start installation by running setup.exe.
  4. When Vaisala USB Device Driver Setup Wizard opens, select Next.
  5. In the Select Additional Tasks window, select the tasks you want to perform and select Install.
  6. Select Display Vaisala USB Device Finder > Finish. The driver starts.
  7. Plug in the cable.

Remember to use the correct port in the settings of your terminal program. Windows recognizes each individual cable as a different device, and reserves a new COM port.

There is no reason to uninstall the driver for normal use. However, if you wish to remove the driver files and all Vaisala USB cable devices, uninstall the entry for Vaisala USB Instrument Driver from the program manager tool in the Windows Control Panel.