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WXT530 Series User Guide

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Select a site that represents the general area of interest to ensure representative ambient measurements. Make sure that the site that is free from turbulence caused by nearby objects, such as trees and buildings.

WARNING To protect personnel and the transmitter, install an air terminal with the tip at least one meter above the transmitter. It must be properly grounded, compliant with all applicable local safety regulations.
CAUTION Installations on top of high buildings or masts and in sites on open grounds are vulnerable to lightning strikes. A nearby lightning strike can induce a high-voltage surge not tolerable by the internal surge suppressors of the instrument.

Additional protection is needed in regions with frequent, severe thunderstorms, especially when long line cables (> 30 m / 98 ft ) are used. Vaisala recommends using a surge protector, such as WSP150 and WSP152, in all sites with an elevated risk of lightning strike.