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WXT530 Series User Guide

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WXT530 must be in the CLI mode before the firmware update. CLI is the command line interface, such as ASCII, NMEA and SDI-12. Firmware update is not possible in the Modbus mode.
  1. Connect WXT530 service cable to the USB port of your computer and to WXT530 service connector.
  2. To make sure that WXT530 is in the CLI mode, open the terminal software, such as Tera Term, with settings 19200, 8, N, 1 and type the command ?!.

    If the sensor is in the CLI mode, the terminal program prints the sensor address.

    Alternatively, open Vaisala WXT530 Configuration Tool. If you can communicate with it, WXT530 is in the CLI mode. If not, see Changing from Modbus mode to CLI mode
  3. Start WxtLoader.exe.
  4. To change the serial port settings, select Configuration.
    • Select the COM port in use.
    • Select serial port settings: 19200, 8 bit, none, 1 bit.
  5. When Status is Connected to device, select Upload.

    When Upload status is 100 %, the firmware update is completed.

To change to the Modbus mode, see Changing from CLI mode to Modbus mode. When WXT530 starts up in Modbus mode, communication with the terminal software is no longer possible.