Changing from Modbus mode to CLI mode - WXT530

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When you change from the CLI mode (ASCII, NMEA, SDI-12) to the Modbus mode, or the other way round, also the accumulated values are reset. The parameter ranges in the CLI mode are sometimes bigger than what is allowed in the Modbus mode. WXT530 enforces the narrower range when the device is turned to the Modbus mode.
  1. Set the computer terminal software (such as Tera Term) communication parameters to 19200 8N1 and select and open a COM port in the terminal software.
    You can find the COM port reserved for the connected USB cable with Vaisala Instrument Finder provided with the drivers. The reserved COM ports are also listed in the Ports section of Windows® Device Manager.
  2. Connect WXT530 service cable to the WXT530 service connector.
  3. Press SPACE within 15 seconds and keep it pressed down for 5 seconds.
    WXT530 starts in the CLI service port default mode (RS-232, Standard ASCII polled, 19200, 8, N, 1).
  4. To make sure that the CLI mode is activated, empty the RX buffer and query the address.
    1. To empty the RX buffer, type !!!.
    2. To query the address, type ?!.

      If the device returns its address, it is in the CLI mode.

      If not, repeat from 2.

Alternatively, you can change from the Modbus mode to the CLI mode by typing the value 0x0F to register number 11 (0x000A).